Marketing Material Design

It’s Okay to Show Off a Little

Popixel design services cover the entire range of business needs.   We have loads of experience when it comes to online, digital and print materials.  From business cards and letterhead, to email marketing and online advertising, we can provide the design you need to stand out.  

Social and Email Marketing

Just getting started, or already online?  We can help you build a social media presence, or assist you in expanding your online platforms by creating the perfect campaign.  

Brochures, Flyers and Promotional

Popixel has created everything from business cards that stand out in the bunch, to giant billboards overlooking the city.   Let us know how we can help you get your business noticed. 

Office Presentation

Many businesses miss the mark when it comes to office presentations or internal marketing.  Stand out from your competition with professionally designed powerpoint templates, or infographics that drive your message.

Packaging & Publishing

We have years of experience applying our designs to the physical world.   With experience creating packaging for golf clubs for store shelves to publishing textbooks for university students, we can handle any of your business’s design needs.