Business Process Automation

Business is Hard Work

There are so many functions that are key to running a successful business. Marketing, inventory, payroll, expenses, hiring, product delivery; the list goes on, and varies from business to business. Within all of those functions are business processes that define the steps needed to complete them.   Business Process Automation (BPA) uses technology to automate repeatable daily tasks with accuracy and speed.

Consider the following when it comes to your business…

Are there tasks in your business that you repeat every day?

This is where BPA excels.   Business Process Automation isn’t about robots taking over jobs.  BPA is about finding efficiencies in your business so that you or your employees can focus on productive and valuable work.  Simple things like scheduling backups, sending emails, or data collection are a breeze with BPA solutions in place.  

Is there someone who can fill in for you when you’re not at work?

You might know everything that’s needed to run your business, and that’s amazing! But what happens if you need to take some time off? Do your employees know those processes? Can your business continue to operate fully if you’re not available?  BPA isn’t just about automation; in fact, a crucial component of BPA is the documenting of business processes.  BPA provides the assurance of having information available to those who need it, when they need it, which makes training easier, and protects your business.  With well documented processes, opportunities for process improvement will likely identify themselves.  

Have you ever had to train different people on the same process?

Do you spend a lot of time training new employees?  Often having well documented processes can reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for a full training schedule.  Documenting your business processes is the first step toward identifying opportunities for process improvement and automation.

Do you find yourself keeping track of paperwork?

Moving to a paperless process may be easier than you think.  Worried about losing records? With BPA and a paperless workflow, you eliminate the possibility of misplacing documents, and secure electronic backups will keep your data safe and private.  

Are there any business tasks that you wish were faster or easier to do?

As a business owner, it’s easy to take the “business-as-usual” approach and avoid spending the time or money needed to improve your workflows. However, that can be costly! A small investment now could save time and cost significantly in the long run. Looking for even more incentive? Process improvement and automation can free up resources to quickly give your business a competitive edge.

Popixel has automated processes in several areas of small to large sized business including:  database backups, purchase order generation, paperless systems processes, marketing and email communication, website backups, and  much more.   Contact Popixel to discuss your business and how we might be able to help you.

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